So here is the tea…

This weekend, the 22nd of March to the 24th the 22nd southgate young leaders went on a weekend away to scout park!! (far, am I right?!) We arrived on Friday evening to Bounds Green and met up with the rest of the squad. And off course the bants had started so we put up our tents (and we even got the berghaus blow up tent…mad!). It took us a while to work out how to actually pump the tent, however having Vito there was pretty good :)

Myself, Liz, Chiara and Lucy prepared the dinner which was a tomato pasta with some very *finely* cut onions and mushrooms. And then Kieran arrived, with his many many stories which went somewhere from kinder eggs to santa clause… We sat around the fire and tables on Friday evening as a chillous way to begin the camp, having hot choc and a good old banter. (then realising Ben had forgotten his sleeping bag) We all went to bed at around midnight so we were fully engaged for a competetive day in which I had all the hopes to be on the top of that podium. Even made a bet…

Saturday Morning came after a chilly night before. Chiara, Vito and I took out some work because we studious like that. We had a big breakfast, (washed up) and got ready for go karting!! Before we went we played a quick game of ball and nerf throwing thing game. Very eventful I must say.

We arrived at the ‘Team Sport Go Karting’ place in Edmonton, ready to drive. We signed up our names, Toms being ‘How’s my back looking?’ haha! Yet wasn’t so accurate on our first round. Queen Liz and Lucifer had a ring to them too ;) We all went upstairs to get changed, Liz and I struggling to find a suit that fit… pretty sure we went through every size until large! We had a safety chat, and went down to the tracks. (I still have the very high hopes at this point by the way). We got our helmets, gloves and a quick selfie, classic ! And we were ready.

3, 2, 1 goooooo… We were off, racing around the tracks and desperately trying to not have to see Toms back. I apparently broke the rules by swerving and driving recklessly and also having a one on one race with Tom, in which I got a deep karma… crashing!! It was great fun however, screaming and laughing¬†throughout every lap. I was accused for cheating too… whoops! The winning results were ready and I defo knew I had it!! Not! Placing 10th, I was still very proud it wasn’t last. Kieran beating Katie by 0.1 seconds, technically 0.15 so round up to 0.2 according to Kieran. And Queen Liz placing 3rd, and Ben placing 2nd!

After karting we went back to camp for a relax and a game of football and just having a good time in the good old greenery of bounds green ;) see what I did there! Katies playlist was playing some next level bops that we can all agree where great. After a chill, we got back in the bus to take a trip to Aldi for a ready steady cook challenge. It was decisions between stir fry and fajitas, stir fry and burritoes, pizza and stir fry. Just constant changes in the menu hahaha, yet we all finally agreed on fajitas (sOrRy ToM) I pushed the trolley around because thats fun. The boys went to pick up the veg, and bless them because they came back with a bag of 20 onions, trying to economise mathemtaically too hard there Vito. Ben and I took a wonder for salad and the leaders went off to buy the essentials of frying pans and mars bars. The limit was 30.00 but off course we went over by 2.98 ha.

Arriving back at camp the temperatures had dropped and so we sat in the blue cushion sofa (RIP) listening to katies bops, and adding constant layers because it was so cold!! The boys went for a “walk” and Kieran and Tom had a snooze. Chiara, Lucy, Liz and Elizabeth went to collect wood for the fire to be a lit on. ha!

Dinner was on and the fajitas were smoking, and they were very nice indeed ;) We had some coke too and gave Kieran some kinder eggs for the bants, we also had marshmellows and choloate biscuits by the fire. Finishing the washing up in “10 minutes” (PB) We sat round the fire for about 6 hours chatting and just spilling lots of tea, both literally and chat like. Kieran the fire master was keeping the fire going all evening until he got too tired and so his role became Vitos. And so we sat until 2:30 AM and then went to the bathrooms for about half an hour because they’re so cosy and then came back had a little chat and didn’t oficially fall asleep until 3:45AM Saturday morning!! Partly due to a light no turning off and so whipping out batteries was the way forward.

Sunday morning came quickly, quite literally. We got up, did some revision, prepared breakfast, had a shower, and we got ready for some climbing! We had a safety chat with Mr.Nagle and then got climbing, prusking and even descending! Kierans time on the wall was 14 seconds which was pretty mad and because Tom has beat him at it all, he hit 9 seconds. QueenLiz got her 3 minutes which was amazing and I managed to keep my PB the same, 28 seconds which actually increased to 30 seconds ;) Katie got to the top of the harder wall along with akhil with was fantastic!

The climbing course was great fun, we took a group pic and went back to camp to prepare lunch and pack down the site. Lunch was great and then it was time to get in the bus and travel all the way back to Arnos Grove!! We unloaded the kit and that is the end of the camp !! Another great weekend away with the 22nd.

And thats the tea sis, or the brew, or the roast ?

Hannah Burke

Young Leader (Wednesday Troop)

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