Winter Camp 2019 was one of the best camps I have ever been on. At no point in the camp did I see someone without a smile on their face! There were so many activities that would keep everyone occupied for the weekend. It was a camp that the scouts had freedom on. At others camps we have timetables but at this camp it wasn’t like that. The leaders, who deserve massive credit for making the camp the best camp they could possibly give to the scouts, told us the times we had to wake up, what time we had to be back at our site for lunch and dinner and what time is lights out.

The ride I think was most popular with our troop was Turbo. It was a ride for daredevils and we even encouraged others who weren’t keen on going on it to get on and they enjoyed it, especially the people who I went round with throughout the weekend. A popular site with our scout troop was Chubby’s. This was a place where you could get small snacks throughout the day to keep you energized between meals. Another popular thing that every one of our scouts did at least once in the camp was go on a walk to `The View’. This was a walk where everyone would talk about what happened during the day and at the end of the walk it would lead us into a massive field, ahead of this was an outstanding view of London. We did this throughout the days but it was more popular at night as all the lights were on, this looked beautiful. This was a popular place for pictures with London in the background. At night everyone enjoyed playing games and listening to classic songs in our scout troop. A game that everyone wanted to play was spoons as it is fun and has a competitive nature to it. All round it was a camp that is in my personal top 3 and I would recommend it for scouts next year.

Once again I would like to reiterate how the leaders made the camp so amazing. Without them it would have not been the same.

Ciaran Allen (APL)

Year 8


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