Hello everyone, we hope you are well. This weekend has been our third Stay at home camp, ran by three year 9 scouts, Olivia, Carys & Izzy. The camp has been full of fun and activities!! The 22nd troop have made their camps, bird feeders, 50th anniversary cakes, played games and even took part in a big kahoot quiz!

A huge Thank you goes to Carys, Izzy and Olivia for running such a brilliant camp, it’s been a great way to keep entertained as families at home during these tough times! Thank you to everyone who has taken part too.

This has been a great way to help us reach our goal of being able to achieve our chief scouts gold award. Thank you to everyone who participated in our camp as we put a lot of hard work into it and it was also so nice to see people having fun and smiling. Thank you all. 
Carys, Olivia, Izzy – Y9 Scouts

Well done to everyone! here are the winners for the weekend:

Camp setup-
1. Alex Marcolongo
2. Aidan Common
3. Christopher Fernandes

Bird feeder challenge-
1. Sergi and Julia Gallagher
2. Max and Lucia Alonso
3. Mia and Olivia Mercanti

Cake decorating challenge-
1. Max and Lucia Alonso
2. Mia and Olivia Mercanti
3. Sarah Carlotti

Kahoot quiz
1. Ella Goodhead
2. Mya Clarke
3. Ben, Alex, Sam Fitzpatrick

Strava challenge-
1. Alfie and Emily Chalfoun
2. Ella Goodhead, Sean O’neill
3. Aidan Mitchell

Here at the placements for the weekend, taking into consideration who we think put in the most effort, where they came in each challenge and bonus points:

1st place – Max and Lucia Alonso
2nd place – Mia and Olivia Mercanti
3rd place – Sergi and Julia Gallagher


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