Max’s teamwork camp.

What it was.
Max, a year 7 scout, conceived, planned and delivered a camp based around teamwork. Throughout the weekend, scouts were set various challenges which they had to overcome as a team and as a result create new friends along the way

My personal experience
I really enjoyed the weekend despite the bad weather and really loved the activities we did.

Day 1.
We arrived at Gilwell to the thunderous noise of rain on the roof of the minibus. However, we were here now and tents needed to be put up! After what seemed like an eternity, all the sleeping tents were up plus the large marquee (which had gone from a sparkling white to a very muddy brown in the matter of an hour). With spirits slightly dampened, the smell of hotdogs cooking was what we all needed. With our stomachs full of Herta’s finiest frankfurters, Tom decided the best place to see the bed weather out was in bed.

Day 2.
Camp was quiet until 9am when a few scouts started to emerge from their tents. Despite the long sleep, I still felt shattered and only just managed to pull myself from my sleeping bag – however, the smell of cooking bacon did make this easier…. Due to the late start, the activities were soon upon us. I was lucky enough to go on the 3g swing first.
It was an amazing experience and despite it being my 5th time, the thrill of flying through the air never gets old! The tension was immense while at the top waiting for it to fall. It took time to pluck up the courage to pull the pin and hurtle towards the ground. After all this excitement the group had worked up an appetite, so we went back to camp to prepare some lunch.
In the afternoon we played a massive game of man hunt. A scout managed to remain uncaught and even out of side for well over an hour! Thinking we had lost him, Tom called game over and sure enough, Soul strolled into camp having been hiding only 10m from camp.
Earlier on in the day, two leaders from another group asked if we wanted to attend a campfire helping to raise awareness of dementia. Seeing as campfires are a 22nd specialty and it was for such a good cause, we decided to go show them how campfires should be done.
A good singsong later, dinner was in full flow. Thanks to Max’s organisation (with some help from the year 9’s), we had dinner on time (this is a rarity at camp).
The day had been actioned packed and after dinner, some scouts decided they needed their beds. Others, knowing there was a packet of marshmallows in the food box, decided to light a fire and hope Tom would get the hint. Sure enough, Marshmallows were produced and S’mores intermittent with conversation, went on long into the night. Eventually the cold got the better of us and we all decided to call it a night.

Day 3
Again, the morning started slowly to everyone’s relief after such a busy day the day before. The smell of bacon soon ejected some energy and everyone eventually started to congregate in the marquee. It was at this point I realised what a mammoth task the pack down would be due to the state of all the tents – they were caked in mud. Putting this to the back of my mind, we went off to our morning activity which was climbing. Climbing was great fun and I managed to reach the top of climbs I had never done before.
The pack down was quicker than expected and we were soon on our way home. The camp was a great success. Well done Max!

Monday Scout
Patrol Leader – Red Eagles

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