Leavers Camp 2019:

After a long journey with a few pit stops we finally arrived at the campsite. We set up and had a relaxed night. We had a lie in, in the morning and the afterwards we went to the water park. This was really fun and everyone was able to mix.
The next day we went kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. We did this in the sea and it was great fun. We played games and improved our skills. We even used the underside of the paddle board as a slip and slide which was great fun.
The following day we went coastering. We traversed across the cliff face and jumped from heights of around 7 meters.
On Friday we went go karting. We were split off into two teams and raced to get our fastest lap. It was then split into top 8 and bottom 7 and there was a lapped race to see who was the overall winner.
One night we slept on the beach which was a great experience faced the cold weather. The next day it was an early rise and we made our way home.

Joe Moulton (year 9 scout, now an explorer!)

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