On the weekend of the 22nd of November we took a trip to Hillingdon for our Christmas narrowboating !!

When we arrived we split into the two narrowboats an began to unpack and settle in for the weekend. Izzy, Olivia and I began to make dinner and most of it went wrong, but everyone said they liked it sooooo yeh! After dinner we washed up and had a tea spilling session with Tom, was very eventful.

On Saturday Morning we steered the boat and Olivia and Izzy were great but I was awful and kept crashing and not looking where I was going. We then made lunch which was pizza and we burnt them, but itwas fine soooooo yeh !

In the evening we made dinner, but Tom decided to take over because we were taking too long and kept talking and singing party in the USA. We played spoons and some other card games, it was so fun. Alfred was getting annoyed at me for screaming every time :) We went to bed and I was freeeeezing… but Alfreds, daughters shoes werent! He melted them by leaving them in the engine room.

Sunday morning came and we steered the boat again, and we made a new bestie called shaun, he was fab! And then more tea was spilt with Tom (this means chatting for all you parents).

We made lunch again and more was burnt, because we were singing again!

We packed up the boat to end the weekend and all of a sudden Alfies swimming!! Was very funny.

It was an amazing weekend, thanks to all the leaders who made it great.

Alfred, this one is for you, ” You take your kids away for the weekend and come back with no shoes for either of them!!”

Carys Burke, Patrol leader (year 8)


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