Austria Report- Day 3
Salt mines, Tobogganing and high ropes.

To an early start of 7 O’Clock, all scouts awoke to what was going to be a very busy day. We had to get up and ready fairly quickly into our freshly new Austria tops and we were all very excited for the day ahead! Breakfast started us off on a great note, brioche and chocolate spread was delightful!
We then headed off in the coaches to the salt mine. There wasn’t enough seats on the main coach for everyone so Tom and Rupal’s group got to travel in style in an exclusive bus! It had reclining seats, air con, a microwave and many other luxuries.

Once we arrived at the mines and some of us had a cheeky ice cream, we headed down the stairs and got our photo taken. We then boarded the train that would take us into the salt mine, it was very fun as we decided to sing as loud as we possibly could! Our tour guide brought us into a room and talked us through the history of the mines and showed us the Austria/Germany border, some of us stood with one foot in each country! She then took us around a corner and we got to slide down wooden slides in pairs to get further down the mine, it was actually faster than I expected it to be! After this we got into a boat that took us across the small lake at the deepest point of the mine. This was amazing as they shined beautiful lights across the water. Once across we headed back up to the top of the mine and received a pot of salt as a souvenir!

We then re- boarded the coaches for a 15 minute drive to the bottom of a huge mountain. The only way to get up was to either hike or use the ski lifts. A few of us were definitely terrified of the ski lifts but Tom told us we had no time to hike up so it was really our only option. We all managed to survive the journey up and I think after about 2 or 3 minutes we started to feel less scared! We managed to take some beautiful pictures at the top of the mountain. After a lovely lunch and another ice cream for a few it was finally time to go down in the toboggan! I think everyone was more excited than nervous for this activity so there was a really great atmosphere at the top. We could go as fast as we liked by using the lever so I think a few of us were down the track really quickly as we pushed the lever forward as often as we could! Once everybody was at the bottom of the mountain and the palava of Hannah’s missing phone had been sorted we got back in the coaches for about a 30 minute drive to the High Ropes Centre.

We had a very informative safety briefing when we got there and we were able to also have a practice run before we got started. Everybody started on level 1 which was great fun; there was a range of activities from rope bridges to leap of faith. After this we could choose our level of difficulty, I personally went for level 4 because I’m a complete scaredy cat but it was a lot of fun and also quite challenging surprisingly! Some of our older scouts managed to complete level 6 which is a huge accomplishment as it was very high up and also quite challenging. Once we’d finished up and everyone was ready to head off we got back into the coaches for the last time that evening :( , although we had had an amazing day so far.

By this time it was much later than expected so Tom took the executive decision to order pizza rather than make the catering team cook as everybody was very tired. All the scouts were now ecstatic about this because who doesn’t love an ordered in pizza ? After about an hours free time we tucked into a full half- pizza each which was amazing and so fulling, I think we could all agree it tasted incredible. Once we’d eaten and cleared up everyone started to get ready bed. We had flag to end such a hectic day on a positive note and everyone headed up to bed at about 10:30 although I’m sure many stayed up later than this! Overall, it was a very busy but absolutely amazing day; we gained so many experiences and some even stepped outside of their comfort zone and went for things that they were scared of which was really great to see.

Róisin McMullan

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